2020 Audi Q6 Electric SUV, Interior, Exterior, Price, Specs

2020 Audi Q6 Electric SUV, Interior, Exterior, Price, SpecsLike the arrivals, new 2020 Audi Q6 will have its own breakthrough. The most impressive thing regarding this model is its construction and use of new materials. Within several years this vehicle will have many serious updates which will take it to the next level. Without any doubt, this model will have more class and comfort than the predecessor.

2020 Audi Q6 Powertrain

New Q6 is four-door SUV with some similarities with the Q5 model. New technologies will shred through the overall line-up we can expect many interesting facts. This model will contain the latest LED tech in both ways front and back. Updated infotainment system and safety measures are taking serious place with all trim levels. Based ones will eventually have a minor upgrade but this is not confirmed officially. All of the detail should be available before the final launching at 2019.

2020 Audi Q6 specs

New upcoming 2020 Audi Q6 will take the serious race for the best looking and absolutely the fastest vehicle un this segment. Many novelties are expected from new powertrain especially the output itself. The fully electric version will arrive with dual-motor powertrain with high energy battery-pack 95 kWh lithium-ion capable with 150kw DC charging. This battery I supposed to be full about 8.5 hours when is connected with 400V three-phase outlet.

2020 Audi Q6 Wallpapers

The new model will have a new AWD configuration. The final numbers for engine output are not familiar. Some speculations say that electric motor will be able to create a 160 hp or 120 kW. There is a possibility of creating a plug-in-hybrid model where be able to have two engine solutions. With fuel savings hybrid option is the best idea. This is not official yet but we are heading in the right direction.

2020 Audi Q6 exterior

The exterior of the new 2020 Audi Q6 will be slightly different compared to the predecessor. Without a doubt, the new model will have different dimensions and interesting materials in use. This model is wider and longer so the SUV will have coupe shape. The line-up is built on second generation platform combining with MLB architecture.

2020 Audi Q6 Drivetrain

This SUV is hiding multiple drivetrain options and advanced autonomous-driving features, the vehicle will suffer extensive alumi9num work. This new shape and configuration with allowing a greater boost in aerodynamics. Wider and longer, Q6 will have swooping roofline and attractive chrome details. The front grille is regular with LED technology.

2020 Audi Q6 interior

New interior for 2020 Audi Q6 will have much more space and comfort. Interior is wide so it can receive up to five passengers with extra leg-room. The Q6 model will have classy equipment with the upgraded infotainment system and safety measures. Some things as navigation and electronics will have upper-class additions in higher trim levels.

Details like leather and wooden details will eventually make a classy impression and nice luxury style. The cabin will get the OLED lighting technology in the whole lineup. The instrument cluster is new and upgraded so we can expect more acts with new touchscreen displays. The rear glass is bigger with more chrome and aluminum. Safety measures are countless. We will mention just several like Knee airbag, airbag occupancy sensor, parking system and side impact beams and more.

2020 Audi Q6 price

Since the information about the final releasing date is not available, we can claim that the exact date will be familiar by the end of next year. The new 2020 Audi Q6 is representing a new model for younger generations, an electric vehicle is not going to be affordable. The main price for base units will be around $80,000 without further additions. This means that price will go higher for upper trim levels.

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