2020 BMW X1 Exterior, Interior, Engine and Price

2020 BMW X1 Exterior, Interior, Engine and PriceThe very first model of X1 was launched back in 2015 and had a nice breakthrough in worldwide markets. The newcomers are having many new things in an update to offer. We can expect surprises from that area. The new 2020 BMW X1 is the second generation which will gain many sympathies by younger people and potential new buyers.

2020 BMW X1 Powertrain

Is spotted on some field in Germany, it is obvious that this model has significantly changed design and appearance. The dimensions are solid with improved towing capacity and stronger performance. The final tests are still in progress, and this is the one thing which is certain to be done by the end of the current year. The engineers of BMW will make some progress by the launching date but however, this vehicle shows the very much improved type of motor diversity.

2020 BMW X1 exterior

With hidden details like grille and headlamps and overall frontal fascia, we can speculate about exterior design. That doesn’t mean they would change something at all. Without a doubt, there will be some noticeable changes, especially in structure and appearance. New 2020 BMW X1 has a chance to become very popular especially when the even current model has its full price.

2020 BMW X1 Wallpapers

The prototype of the new X1 will make a difference in new market goals. Although is covered up, we can notice hexagonal headlights and square grill which is implemented from X5. The ground clearance is taller and it could be in some small rage, but this is not confirmed data. Color choice is also optional but the base model will probably be silver or black.

2020 BMW X1 interior

There will be many discussions about new 2020 BMW X1, especially about the interior. As we mentioned before, the interior is not familiar yet, but it will have some changes required. Comparing to its predecessor, this model will have a nice reputation among new generations of crossovers. This crossover will have several trim levels which will offer new special advantages and details, especially regarded to infotainment system and safety measures.

2020 BMW X1 Drivetrain

We can expect that dashboard will contain great LCD with two USB import within and the steering wheel has a better position than in the previous one. Two rows of seats will be available with better legroom space for passengers. Driver seat has a better position which allows him to have a better view on the highway.

2020 BMW X1 engine

New 2020 BMW X1 engine is going to have a new upgrade since the new performance is counting better output. In the engine department, BMW adds gasoline filters to all European models and this is the best way for promotion of this novelty. Smaller diesel engines are passed according to engineers, they don’t know if that will be the case with this model too. This will mean a lot of fuel savings and, one of the important things, to be environmental safe with short losses.

The X1 will probably continue to have 3- and 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with the output from 160 hp to 235 hp. It is a European model. The 228 hp 28i model is the only one currently available in the USA. Optimistic opinions are that BMW will offer a sub-200 hp model. Depending on the engine the X1 will come with 6-speed auto, 8-speed auto or 7-speed DCT.

2020 BMW X1 price

It is early for any kind of estimations. We guess that the new 2020 BMW X1 will hit the showrooms by the end of 2018. The base model is not familiar with the public and there is no much space for certain data. This means that some of the opponents have the similar structure in this segments. The price for this vehicle starts from $35,000. This will be the price for a base model with no further additions.

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