2020 BMW X4 Changes, Exterior, Interior and Release Date

2020 BMW X4 Changes, Exterior, Interior and Release DateThere are several possible theories about the new 2020 BMW X4 vehicle. This small SUV will take place as redesigned and well-trained vehicle as the interest rises. With several months the first images will be available, and for now, we can speculate about units under the camouflage. The overall appearance looks like a classy and yet harsh sporty SUV which is ideal for business people and for younger generations. German carmaker will definitely make the underline for a model like this.

2020 BMW X4 Images

With no mistake, this is a classical offer for stamina quality and the latest technology. By improving programs and infotainment systems this model will most likely be one of the best selling products in the past ten years. Comparing to the predecessor, this model will take place in the serious market ground as a leader in European opponent toward USA competitors. The most likely is to have electric parts in offer regarded to engine spec.

2020 BMW X4 specs

The following car will share some features as X3, regarding engine and possibly some parts of the exterior. As far as known, new 2020 BMW X4 will have two versions of the powertrain. Both of them will have reduced fuel spend and stronger output than earlier units. The first version will be xDrive30i and M40i. Both of them will come in an offer with AWD drive option. The M40i option is the strongest and most possible option which is coming as a 3.0-liter inline turbo-6 with 355hp and 365lb-ft of torque.

2020 BMW X4 Wallpaper

The BMW will also offer slightly weaker engine as 2.0 liter turbo-4 which spins 248hp and 258 pound-feet of torque. According to latest tests, this engine will have skill enough to provide 60 mph in 0.6 seconds which will set new set for a highway drive. Having new 20-inch alloy wheels as standard with sports exhausted system, the rage will be above expected results. Both of engine matters will be paired with the 8-speed automatic transmission.

2020 BMW X4 exterior

Is covered in camouflage, new 2020 BMW X4 is slightly similar to X3. Since is imagined as sporty and rough SUV, this one will have coupe shape without any bigger cargo area. Determined to keep its original style, engineers did not try to fix or add anything radical on the exterior. Except for dimension which is quite way out of ordinary. Being redesigned in frontal part, X4 will definitely make a difference by having a double row of headlights also paired with wider side arches.

2020 BMW X4 Redesign


Inside the cabin of the 2020 BMW X4, we can expect a lot of premium materials and features. Well, every vehicle from this carmaker can be praised for its comfort and accessories. From materials covering steering wheel and seats, up to upholstery and dashboard elements, everything is very quality and stylish. The new layout of seating positions is probable. Some minor cosmetic upgrades of the dashboard and control panel will make the X4 fresh and appealing.

Infotainment system expects to upgrade. The iDrive will head into the new era by 2020. Currently, the 6.0 version is up to date. In a couple of years, even two upgrades are possible. The company is not well-known for it, but with updates and revisits, the iDrive could be a reliable system.

2020 BMW X4 release date

The 2020 BMW X4 is not coming in next 12 months. Late in 2019, we can expect to see it debut. Shortly after, the compact crossover will be available at dealerships. It is definitely a cheaper version of its bigger sibling X5. On the other hand, it is bigger and more powerful than the X3. We can expect the 2020 BMW X4 to carry the price tag of around $50,000. Buyers can spend around $15,000 more for upgrades to get the top of the line crossover SUV.

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