2020 BMW X8 Specs, Concept, Drivetrain, and Release Date

2020 BMW X8 Specs, Concept, Drivetrain, and Release DateWhile we are still waiting for the new X7 to appear, the new biggest crossover in the BMW family is coming. We are pretty sure that rumors are true. The 2020 BMW X8 will take the position above the X6 and X7. Whatsoever, this SUV is not going to come with a three-row layout. Instead, it will be either coupe or a full-size crossover with two rows for seating.

2020 BMW X8 Images

You can only imagine how much space will be inside. Outside, speculations about coupe are somehow more realistic. With it, the BMW X7 would get only a different shape. On the other hand, to create the larger crossover means a lot of effort, time, and money. The Bavarian carmaker will try to avoid it. The same is happening with drivetrains, which will be the same as for the X7.

2020 BMW X8 Specs

Under the hood of the 2020 BMW X8 will be either 3.0-liter V-6, or a V-8. Well, the other one is reserved for the M package and we will talk about it later. The smaller option is pretty capable and already proven in X6. With different tuning, it is going to be ready to deliver more horses and torque. European versions will probably get a diesel unit. In US this is not an option, especially after the scandal with emissions.

2020 BMW X8 Redesign

2020 BMW X8 M

As said, the 2020 BMW X8 M will use a big 4.4-liter turbocharged eight-cylinder drivetrain. This beast will help the huge crossover to achieve over 500 hp. Whatsoever, we still don’t know when the M package for X8 will be ready, or the company will go after X7 M.

2020 BMW X8 Styling

The 2020 BMW X8 will be based on its sibling, BMW X7. Well, the bigger version could use a coupe layout. Less space in cabin and more aggressive look are certain, but the vehicle would use a comfort the classic SUV can bring. Either way, the interior is going to get the latest systems and features. Most of them will be the same as for the upcoming X7. These two SUVs will share a lot of in common, even if X8 starts the new lineup.

2020 BMW X8 Price

The cabin, the exterior of the crossover will see a revisit. Well, the grille is traditional– kidney-shaped. Some of the classic BMW shapes are there, from front fascia to the rear end. Wheels could be bigger and side steps there by default. Narrower LED lights are notable feature of the X7, so there are no doubts the 2020 BMW X8 will carry them.

The 2020 BMW X8 M will come with special package of features. Not only an engine is enough to boost the overall impression. Exterior and interior should follow its aggressive nature. Unique paintjobs and accents outside and inside, premium leather, various services for infotainment system, and many more will be part of the M package for X8.

2020 BMW X8 Release Date

It is the model for 2020 so everything at this point is speculation. Sometimes early rumors come true. For now, these are only claiming the 2020 BMW X8 is coming. Bosses spoke earlier there is room above the upcoming X7. The new biggest crossover will be largest for a year or so, until X8 comes out. When it will be exactly, nobody knows.

The same rumors are surrounding discussions about the price. Being the biggest one, usually means being the most expensive. That is what fans and experts expect from 2020 BMW X8. And if it appears with M package, the price will hit probably $150,000 mark. There are also some signs of hybrid drivetrain, but it is less likely to happen. On the other hand, we must consider them as possibility. Not certain, but still an option.

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