2022 BMW iX3 Concept, Specs, Design, Spy Photos and Price

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2022 BMW iX3 Concept, Specs, Design, Spy Photos and PriceThe 2022 BMW iX3 is confirmed. This is the fully-electric crossover, which will initially come to the Chinese market. We are sure that some kind of a test on the fastest-growing market in the world will pass very fast. After that, already in 2023 fans will probably see this model in their countries. Both US and European buyers are looking for more electric vehicles. France considers bringing the “only electric cars” law. After 2030, no new vehicles with conventional engines will be used there.

2022 BMW IX3 Spy Shots

This is still an idea, but the 2022 BMW iX3 is giving the support to these regulations. German carmaker and their iPerformance department are ready for the next chapter. With the new all-electric crossover, BMW will be ready for any challenge.

2022 BMW iX3 Concept

At this point, the Bavarian company is not so green. They offer only a couple of vehicles in their entire lineup that uses electric power support and cut emissions. These are compact hatchback i3 and sports car i8. BMW invested more in the development of electric and hybrid vehicles. The first crossover to come out from factory lines will be 2022 BMW iX3. Soon after it, we can expect larger X5 in electric form as well, or at least a hybrid. The platform is going to be used for compact cars and vehicles.

2022 BMW IX3 Release Date

2022 BMW iX3 Specs and Range

According to the official announcement, the 2022 BMW iX3 will have a drivetrain that will produce 270 horses. We don’t have too many electric vehicles by this company, engineers are developing and testing such motors. Believe or not, the iX3 will use a fifth-generation of electric powertrains. That is a 70 kW battery that is pretty capable to produce a serious amount of power.

Further official details are not so generous. The 2022 BMW iX3 should return over 250 miles (400 km) before the recharge. A two-wheel drive is certain to be a standard offer. On the other hand, it would be foolish for the company not to offer AWD. The M package is also on the way, with power output over 300 horses and mileage around 300 miles.

2022 BMW IX3 Redesign

2022 BMW iX3 Spy Shots and Design

From spy photos, we can see that 2022 BMW iX3 is the same as its conventional sibling. The look is the same as for the current BMW X3. The electric model needs an opening for the electric charger. This one is right next to fenders on the right side. The BMW iX3 M will come with more unique details and parts. This model will offer special wheels, bumpers, and lights.


With a lot of specific systems, the 2022 BMW iX3 needs a unique dashboard. Drivers need to have info about every part of the electric drivetrain. That is why the control panel can’t be the same as for the standard model. On the other hand, the seating layout and infotainment system are going to be very similar to X3 offered in the Chinese market.

Autonomous Drive

There is no official info about the autonomous drive features, we are sure the BMW will offer lane keeping robot and auto parking service. We are not expecting fully-autonomous drive, but some mild-level is certain.

2022 BMW iX3 Price

The price depends on all unanswered questions. We believe the 2022 BMW iX3 will cost at least $50,000 and not more than $60,000. What will happen if the German carmaker launches autonomous drive of the latest generation? There is the M package that can bring numerous premium features. Knowing all that, the fully-loaded iX3 could go up to $90,000. The base electric SUV is not going to be so expensive, knowing that the standard X3 costs $42,000.