2022 Opel Corsa Specs, Price, & Pictures

2022 Opel Corsa Specs, Price, & Pictures. With the last generation of the Opel Corsa, the sporty OPC label also disappeared in 2019. Fans can hope for a return of the hot compact. The British sister company Vauxhall has announced a Corsa-e VXR– so it would be only logical for Opel to build an OPC counterpart. AUTO BILD has already done preparatory work and drawn the Corsa-e OPC on the computer! (This is how OPC could start again!).

2022 Opel Corsa Specs

OPC features also in the sporty Corsa-e

Despite having an electric model, OPC would rely upon the brand-typical optical features. Sportier aprons and sills make the small car look beefier. The air inlets already indicated in the basic model are even more striking in our illustration. A roof edge spoiler and a new grille insert with a central strut in the OPC corporate color blue would be possible. Larger rims with their design, blue brake calipers, and OPC logos dispel any doubts that this is a sports model. (This is how the Opel Corsa-e drives!).

No more horsepower in the Corsa OPC

Doubts could creep into fans when checking out the performance data. At least the Vauxhall Corsa-e VXR will be just as powerful with 136 hp as the base. That should then also be the case with the OPC. The Corsa-e OPC is supposed to be more about driving pleasure than driving performance. That is why the focus is entirely on optimizing the chassis, steering, and brakes. This recipe could taste good and give the little one more pizzazz.

2022 Opel Corsa Price

The Power Opel Corsa could arrive in mid-2022

In regards to price, the Corsa-e OPC should be around 35,000 euros before the environmental bonus is deducted. (Opel Corsa-e with savings of approximately 13,491 euros!) The Peugeot 208 PSE counterpart will probably also be located in this region. If a Corsa-e OPC comes, it will probably be together with the Vauxhall brother, which will start in mid-2022. It would then be the last stage of expansion before the major facelift. You can get to your OPC faster here: used Opel Corsa OPC with a guarantee of 13,000 euros!

2022 Opel Corsa Price

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