Revving Up for the Future: Introducing the 2022 BMW i4

Overview of 2022 BMW i4

Overview of 2022 BMW i4

The 2022 BMW i4 is a highly anticipated electric vehicle that is set to be released in the near future. This EV is a big deal for BMW since it is the brand’s first fully electric sedan. The i4 is expected to come with impressive specifications, design features, and battery range, which makes it an important topic that needs to be discussed.


The specifications of the 2022 BMW i4 are said to be impressive. The car features a single electric motor capable of generating 250 kW of power and 530 Nm of torque, with zero-emission driving capabilities. This is combined with an 80.0 kWh battery pack that will provide a driving range of around 300 miles. The i4 is also built with quick DC charging capabilities, providing up to 80% of charge in under 40 minutes.

Design Features

The overall design of the 2022 BMW i4 is sleek and modern, featuring aerodynamic lines and curves that optimize airflow and efficiency. The front structure of the car is designed with a closed-off kidney grille, which is a traditional BMW styling feature. The rear end of the vehicle features a full LED taillight that extends across the entire width of the car, giving it a futuristic and sporty look. Inside, the i4 is equipped with a large curved display that integrates the instrument cluster and infotainment systems into one seamless unit.

Battery and Range

The battery of the 2022 BMW i4 is expected to be a highlight of the car. It is said to feature an ultimate charging capacity of 150 kW, which means it can be charged from 0% to 80% in just 35 minutes. The two batteries that are likely to be used are a 60 kWh and an 80 kWh battery pack, with a range of 300+ and 400+ miles respectively, fulfilling the needs of most drivers.

Overall, the 2022 BMW i4 is poised to be a gamechanger in the EV market. It delivers impressive specifications, design features, and battery range, making it a significant topic that needs to be discussed. To prepare for the future, we should stay informed about updates and innovations in the EV market and start considering switching to EVs for a more sustainable future.

2022 BMW i4 Performance

2022 BMW i4: Setting New Standards for Electric Vehicle Performance

Sprints and Acceleration

The 2022 BMW i4 is set to revolutionize the electric vehicle market with its impressive acceleration capabilities. The electric sedan delivers 530 horsepower, allowing it to go from 0 to 60 mph in an estimated 4 seconds. This impressive performance is made possible by its dual electric motors, which give it a sporty and thrilling driving experience.

Handling and Brakes

Aside from its impressive acceleration, the 2022 BMW i4 also boasts exceptional handling and braking capabilities. Its agile and dynamic design ensures nimble and precise handling, while its advanced braking system provides the necessary stopping power. Top-of-the-line suspension and steering systems make the i4 one of the most well-rounded electric vehicles on the market today.

Driving Modes

The 2022 BMW i4 also comes with different driving modes that tailor the car’s performance to the driver’s needs. Its Eco Pro mode prioritizes efficiency and range, while the Sport mode unleashes the maximum power of the dual electric motors, providing an exhilarating driving experience. The i4 also comes with a customizable Adaptive mode, which can automatically adjust its performance based on the driver’s habits and road conditions.

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Why is the Performance of the 2022 BMW i4 Important for the Future?

The 2022 BMW i4 represents a major milestone in the development of electric vehicles. The car’s impressive performance capabilities prove that electric vehicles can not only match but exceed the performance of their gasoline-powered counterparts. As more automakers transition to electric vehicles, the i4 sets a new standard for electric vehicle performance that others will have to match if they want to remain competitive.

As consumers, it is important for us to start preparing for the future of electric vehicle performance. With advancements like the 2022 BMW i4, electric vehicles are becoming a more viable option for consumers looking for high-performance cars that are also environmentally friendly. This means investing in charging infrastructure and recognizing the growing trend towards electric vehicles as a viable option for all types of drivers.

Image of 2022 BMW i4 Infotainment System

Technology in 2022 BMW i4

The 2022 BMW i4 is set to revolutionize the automotive industry with its state-of-the-art technology. From its infotainment system to its safety features and driver assistance, the i4 is poised to be a game-changer.

Infotainment System

The infotainment system in the 2022 BMW i4 is unlike any other. It features a massive screen with customizable settings that allow drivers to easily access all of their music, navigation, and communication needs from one central location. The i4 also includes an advanced sound system with multiple speakers throughout the car for an immersive audio experience.

Safety Features

Safety is a top priority for BMW, and the i4 demonstrates this commitment with its cutting-edge safety features. These include automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and a surround-view camera system. The i4 also includes advanced airbag systems that protect passengers in the event of a collision.

Driver Assistance

The driver assistance features in the 2022 BMW i4 make it easier than ever for drivers to stay safe on the road. The i4 includes adaptive cruise control, which automatically adjusts the car’s speed based on traffic conditions. It also includes a traffic jam assistant, which takes over driving duties in stop-and-go traffic. And for those long highway drives, the i4 includes a hands-free driving assistant that allows drivers to take their hands off the wheel for short periods of time.

Technology is rapidly advancing, and the 2022 BMW i4 is leading the charge. Its advanced infotainment system, cutting-edge safety features, and state-of-the-art driver assistance technologies make it a car of the future. To prepare for the future of automotive technology, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and advancements in the industry.

Market Availability and Pricing of 2022 BMW i4

Market Availability and Pricing of 2022 BMW i4

Launch Date in Markets

The 2022 BMW i4 is expected to be launched in the European market in the second half of 2021. While the launch date for other markets such as the United States, Canada, and Asia is yet to be confirmed, it is expected to be in early 2022.

Pricing Range

The pricing range for the 2022 BMW i4 is expected to vary depending on the model and the location. In Europe, the price might range from €60,000 to €70,000 before options. It is estimated that the base model of the 2022 BMW i4 in the US market will start around $50,000. However, these are approximate figures and easily subject to change

Pre-Order and Reservation Procedures

Interested buyers can pre-order the 2022 i4 at BMW dealerships or through the BMW website. In Europe, pre-ordering has already begun with a deposit of €1,000. It is advised to check with your local BMW dealer or website for pre-ordering procedures and deposit requirements.

Why is this topic significant for the future?

The market availability and pricing of the 2022 BMW i4 are significant for the future as the demand for electric vehicles is exponentially growing across the globe. The launch of this electric sports sedan is highly anticipated and is expected to lead to more people considering electric cars as a viable alternative to petrol cars. Additionally, this car’s success can pave the way for more companies to follow suit quickly with their own electric car models.

How can we prepare for it?

As electric cars become increasingly popular, and with the launch of the 2022 BMW i4 imminent, it is necessary to prepare for the future by educating ourselves about electric cars. Consider researching the best electric cars, their features, performance, and prices. Knowing the basics of electric cars will help you make an informed decision when purchasing one, avoiding confusion and regret. Additionally, be sure to research available financing options and incentives for purchasing electric vehicles in your country to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

2022 BMW i4 Conclusion Image

Conclusion: The Importance of Discussing the 2022 BMW i4 in the Future

What Makes the Topic Important?

The 2022 BMW i4 is a highly anticipated electric vehicle that is set to make waves in the automotive industry. As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and the i4 is a prime example of this trend. It represents a shift towards more environmentally friendly modes of transportation, which is an important development as we look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and combat climate change.

However, the i4 is not just another electric car. It is a luxury vehicle that combines the performance and style that BMW is known for with cutting-edge electric technology. It is a car that will appeal to both car enthusiasts and those looking for a practical, eco-friendly option. As such, it is an important topic for discussion in the future as it represents a significant step forward in the evolution of electric vehicles and the transition towards a more sustainable future.

How Can We Prepare for It?

As the launch of the 2022 BMW i4 approaches, it is important to prepare for the changes that it will bring. As more electric vehicles hit the market, there will be a need for improved infrastructure, such as charging stations, to support them. Additionally, those involved in the automotive industry, such as dealerships and mechanics, will need to upskill and familiarize themselves with electric technology to cater to the growing demand.

Furthermore, consumers will need to educate themselves on the benefits and challenges of owning an electric vehicle, such as range anxiety and maintenance. It is important to understand what this shift towards electric vehicles means for us as individuals and as a society, and to be prepared for the changes that it will bring.

In conclusion, the 2022 BMW i4 represents an important development in the automotive industry and the transition towards a more sustainable future. As such, it is crucial to discuss its impact and prepare for the changes that it will bring. By doing so, we can ensure that we are ready to embrace this exciting new era in the world of transportation.


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